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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Driving An Electric Car

With eco-friendly cars becoming more and more mainstream, many of you have been wondering if an electric vehicle would suit your needs. If you’re still on the fence about the idea of driving an EV, this post may help you make up your mind. Here are some of the reasons why we, at EV Meter, are all for electric vehicles and why you should be driving one too:

  • The planet needs you to

Climate change is real and we all should be doing all we can to lessen the burden we put on our planet – which includes saying no to vehicles powered by fossil fuels, including gasoline. According to a study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, a large-scale replacement of gas vehicles with electric vehicles could help the transportation sector to meet 2°C global warming set by the United Nations.

  • Pollution is not cool

According to the World Health Organization, excessive concentrations of small and fine particulate matter (PM) in the air lead to 3 million premature deaths across the world. And no surprises for guessing that vehicular exhaust is one of the biggest anthropogenic sources of PM out there.

  • Savings, savings, savings

To begin with, governments world over are offering subsidies or tax credits to increase the adoption of green vehicles. When it comes to operations, the overall cost of ownership for an EV is much, much less than a gasoline-powered car. And if that was not incentive enough, electric vehicles have much lower maintenance cost also because there are 10-times fewer moving parts in them as compared to a conventional car.

  • Powerful, yet silent

EVs are famous for their instant torque because electric motors are very, very torque-friendly. First-time EV drivers are always surprised on discovering how powerful a clean vehicle could be. And yet, these vehicles produce virtually zero noise. Oh, peace!

  • Charging infrastructure is growing

With commercial complexes, supermarkets, parking lots, municipalities, etc., realizing they can attract EV users by proving charging stations on their properties, the EV charging infrastructure is consistently growing. So, you can say goodbye to range anxiety.

  • Cashless payment option

Progressive charging station manufacturers like EV Meter give users the freedom of choice and convenience by providing electric vehicle charging stations with credit card and other cashless payment solutions. This means EV drivers can pay-as-they-go with their favorite payment method.

This list, by no means, is comprehensive and if you were to chat with us, we could go on and on about why electric vehicles rock. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more information about electric vehicle charging stations that come with cashless payment options, get in touch with us today!

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