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  • Anmol Sharma

Things You Should Know About Bulletproof Glass of Security Vehicles

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

You might have heard about security vehicles that offer protection against different gunshots and blasts in violence-prone areas. The need for bulletproof glass has increased with the increasing occurrence of violent crimes, bomb blasts, attacks, and other wrongdoings on the roads. People, before their purchase, are generally curious about the mechanism and features of bulletproof glass. If you are one among them, the article will help you for sure:

What Makes Ordinary Glass Shatter Too Quickly?

You might have noticed a fast-moving cricket ball, baseball, stone, or other heavy items that can break an ordinary glass easily. It is because of low energy absorption. When something strikes the glass, it fails to absorb its energy to prevent an invasion. The glass does not slow down the pace of the item thrown, and hence, it turns into pieces. This is why ordinary glass is not used for safety purposes at all.

How Is Bulletproof Glass Different from an Ordinary Glass?

Bulletproof glass or bullet-resistant glass does not let any sharp or heavy thing including bullets penetrate the glass. The structure of the glass consists of various hard layers of glass that use inter-layers of various plastics. The sandwich of the glass is known as laminate which is approximately 10 times thicker than the single pain of the glass. The laminate is usually very heavy in weight to ensure optimal protection against any disaster.

When the bullet touches the glass, the energy shatters sideways through the layers. It gets divided into various pieces and quickly absorbed. As a result, the pace of the bullets slows down in a way that it does not have the energy to pierce through. This entire mechanism of prevention of piercing can be simply known as the energy-absorbing process of the bulletproof. Though the glass does not let the bullet go in, it breaks the pane and layers of the glass. The owner of one of the personal security vehicles has to change the glass to retain the same level of protection. That's how it works!

Different Standard of Bulletproof Glass:

If we talk about the standards, every country has different standards from the other. You can decide the standard depending upon the country you live in. The modern bulletproof glass includes variations in laminated safety glass. You can simply ask the company to recommend the best option. For instance - CEN 1063, STANAG 4569, and GOST (Russia) are the most common standards used in bulletproof glass technology in Germany.

The Bottom Line

The increasing demand for protection has significantly enhanced the demand for bulletproof glass. NRS BULWARKS Security is among the very popular names of bulletproof glass manufacturers around the world The company serves people with their needs of security vehicles. Not only for vehicles but its bulletproof glass is also used for different industries like aerospace, marine, financial institutions, etc. The bulletproof glass is approx. 20% lighter than conventional bulletproof glass.

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