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We've got Custom Armoring Solutions



We are a leading armored vehicle manufacturer in India with a team of over 25 years’ experience in engineering, designing, prototyping and manufacturing of armored cars and vehicles for government, military and civilians. We started our operations in 2011 with an aim to secure journey on wheels by deploying the latest cutting edge technology thoroughly tested in house.

We are an exclusive manufacturing facility with an extensive experience of developing & designing Bulletproof Military Vehicles, Troop Carriers, Security Vehicles for Government officials/Ministers, Election Campaign Vehicle for VIPs & Bulletproof civilian vehicles.

We implement the latest technologies in laser cutting and bending, which don’t affect the metal structure resulting in our ability to supply armored vehicles that guarantee the utmost safety and security. The reinforcement processes assimilated into the interior of the vehicle are out of sight and yet provide an exceptional level of security.



  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Armored personnel carrier

  • Mine Protection Vehicles

  • Tactical Vehicles

  • Special Customized Armored Bus

  • Special Customized Armored Mobile Van

  • Armored Ambulance

  • Armored cash in transit van.

We Fabricate

Safer way to Advance & Grow

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NRS Bulwarks utilizes products that are developed specifically for the purpose of armoring vehicles and protecting the life of cars from bullets and explosions.

NRS Bulwarks offers a 360 degree protection, and is not just limited to cabins and bonnets.

Like they say, we've covered it A to Z, Top to End.

We build your practical cars based on road safety, protection from all kinds of pistols, bombs and or grenades.

Penetration is absolutely near to impossible with our ballistic measures taken to keep the barracks out of the bullets!



Step 1: Disassembling the interior of the vehicle – panels, exterior parts, trim, and other equipment.

No matter what kind of eligible SUVs you may have, NRS Bulwarks can effectively apply high-quality armoring solutions to it.



Each Client has different level of protection needs, The protection of armoring is based on Ballistics specifications which are as per internationally recognized standards used when deciding on the level of protection required. Once the protection level is determined, then the appropriate materials will be selected.


Standards vary depending on the region where vehicles are in use, the most common standards are: Indian Ministry of home affairs (MHA) Guidelines, North America NIJ (National Institute of Justice) UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Middle East & Europe CEN (Central European Normalization) DIN (German Standards).

The procedures and the products that NRS Bulwarks use are all based on the highest form of military standards – they make sure that all cars are developed to be Armored. The mobile solutions are done by credible professionals and experts, which make sure that the outcome of each car is beyond imagination. NRS Bulwarks takes ample time in analyzing how they can successfully give the best armoring cars solutions for their customers.




NRS Bulwarks utilizes ballistic glass or transparent armor ( also known as bullet-resistant glass ). This material is 15mm-220mm thick and it can effectively resist bullets that would struck an Armored car. The production process of the transparent armor is superiorly broadened to ensure the durability and resistance qualities of the ballistic glass.


We apply these protective layers to the windshield, frames, and all exterior parts of the vehicle, hence, turning it into a Bulletproof car. 


The compositions of our ballistic glass are recognized by certified laboratories, guaranteeing that these glasses that we utilize at NRS Bulwarks are indeed one of the best there is in the world.


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You can download our white papers and brochures by entering your contact details and we will mail them to you.

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